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February 18, 2021

5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your TikTok Videos Stand Out

The world couldn’t be more obsessed with TikTok. The app has completely blown up over the past couple months, and after downloading it, it’s easy to see why. Unlike Instagram...

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presentation mistakes
January 21, 2021

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Giving a Presentation

If you know you have a big presentation coming up, your first instinct may be spending every waking moment preparing for it. But hold up. In a recent webinar for...

be a better leader
January 12, 2021

Try This Simple Exercise to Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others As a Leader

A lot of the time, the leaders we think of first are presidents, CEOs, and people with high ranking and a lot of power. But the folks at the top...

how to support remote workers
December 31, 2020

The Best Ways to Support Your Co-Workers When Everyone Works from Home

Remember those days of strolling into the office and saying hi to all your co-worker friends on the way to your desk? Hardly... because at this point, it seems like...

December 17, 2020

Be a Better Listener With These 5 Tips

You might feel like you're a good listener—but are you, really? It's an important quality to have, both as a leader and a human being. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced world...

Start collaborating with Ten Spot
October 29, 2020

Start Collaborating with Ten Spot: 5 Tips to Get Started

If you're not already familiar with Ten Spot, you'll be glad to read this article. If you're already using Ten Spot, keep reading - you might learn some new ways...