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Finding success in life requires a lot of work and patience. Just think about it: The most successful people had to work really, really hard for what they’ve achieved—it’s not something that magically falls into your lap overnight. Luckily, having some productivity hacks up your sleeve can help you get closer to achieving your dreams.

In a webinar for Ten Spot, Sabrina Sarabella, a business coach and wellness expert, shared productivity (along with a successful mindset) is key to success. Without it, it's nearly impossible to accomplish everything you need to in order to succeed. Here are five productivity hacks to start with.

5 Productivity and Performance Hacks You Should Know

1. Schedule Out Your Week

Sarabella says it's important to focus on one thing at a time when you’re trying to be productive, and that's why she recommends blocking days out in order to focus on specific tasks. For example, on Mondays, end your work day by writing and responding to emails. Then on Tuesdays, handle your invoices. “You're able to get more things done that way," she says. Aside from helping you stay productive, it also makes your life less stressful. Instead of trying to jam a bunch of tasks into one day, you can spread everything out and not get so overwhelmed.

2. Time-Block Your Days

You can also use time-blocking to schedule out your day and keep your productivity up. "When you block your time throughout the day, you're able to get more done,” Sarabella says. “Switching back and forth between tasks decreases productivity since it takes time for your brain to continuously re-focus.” For example, answer emails from 8 to 9, take calls from 9 to 11, and so on.

3. Prioritize Downtime

Wait... can working less really help you to get more done? Yep, it's true. “When we work constantly, we're not as productive,” Sarabella says. “As important as it is to schedule a block of time to work, it's equally important to schedule in downtime for rest and relaxation.” That could be an hour reading, going on a walk—whatever makes you feel good.

4. Do the Most Important Things First

Afternoons and evenings can get chaotic, and that’s why mornings will always be the best time for ample productivity. That’s why Sarabella recommends saving that time for the most important things on your to-do list. “If you're doing the most important things in the morning, you're not on other people's schedules,” Sarabella says. “Also, your brain is fresh and not drained from a full day of thinking."

5. Delete Social Media Apps from Your Phone

You already know social media can be a time suck when you're trying to be productive. "When you want to be productive, shut off your social media on your phone or computer and focus on the task at hand,” Sarabella says. “You can even take those apps off your phone if you find yourself scrolling when you're trying to get work done.” That way, the temptation is totally gone.