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It's a race to win and keep employees in The Great Resignation era. But it's not about how well-known your company is or what your company dishes out – it's how fast you listen and adapt to employee needs and priorities. After all, it's what your competitors are doing. 

Speed, the ability to move and improve, iterate and innovate, is paramount, and if you listen to Ten Spot's webinars on employee retention, this probably sounds familiar. 

In the latest episode of Ten Spot's Manage People Better Live series, our co-founder Sammy Courtright speaks with Gen Z workplace futurist and co-admin for the Future of Work community on Upstream, Danielle Farage. Together, they take audience questions and reflect on the employee experience, shortcomings across organizations, and the makings of a much-needed course correction when it comes to retaining employees.

Watch the recording here.

If you're short on time, here are a few quick takeaways:

  • The pandemic has forced many employees to shift into careers that are more aligned with their values and reconsider their own employee experiences.  
  • An organization needs to develop a culture that encourages people to critique processes, leadership styles, work needs, benefits and address employees' priorities.
  • People now realize that company culture needs to be different for different generations. A Gen Z worker may want a very active community, but good company culture may mean subsidized childcare for a mother of two. 
  • The hierarchical structures within organizations are changing, with community-driven cohorts continuing to gain more momentum because they provide a place where people feel safe and heard.