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Ten Spot expands what’s possible in a day by bringing creative, convenient virtual experiences to employees. Our diverse programming never stands still; we’re always experimenting with offerings spanning employee wellness classes, personal and professional development and more. With Ten Spot’s full-service platform, property managers, companies and employees reap the benefits of boosted morale, increased productivity and community among employees.  We do this through our unique community engagement platform that provides access, efficiency and social interactions for companies, property managers and employees. 

Ten Spot’s five pillars are the guide to our programming and are derived from the Wellness Institute’s “six dimensions of wellness.” These pillars - EAT, PLAY, CHILL, THRIVE, MOVE - focus on a holistic approach to employee wellness and happiness.

We are seeking Virtual Presenters to supply short format videos of unique content related to:

  • Budgeting, saving, personal finance
  • How to travel safely
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Spreadsheets 101

This content will be marketed to our end users via our “Ten Spot LIVE” platform. 

  • Must have own computer or device with video conferencing capability
  • Must be able to record from a space with a pleasing, clutter-free backdrop, good front-facing lighting and great sound quality



  • Demonstrated ability with subject matter; ability to speak as a subject expert
  • Has previously produced unique content including a written outline for a workshop or webinar and presented the workshop live or virtually
  • Able to speak on selected topic to a professional audience of all levels


  • Warm, engaging, video-friendly presentation skills. A sample video will be reviewed during hiring process.
  • Ability to structure webinar content in an organized, engaging way.
  • Ability to present live in a clean, clear space that is quiet and free of distraction.


  • Have great time management skills
  • Understand the fundamentals of recording quality content: lighting, sound, picture quality
  • Passion for growing community around your subject matter


  • Prior experience with online speaking, workshops, webinars, tutorials 
  • Certified in your area of expertise (topic dependent)


  • Proposed Workshop or Webinar Topic - proposed title of the workshop/webinar you'd like present, such as “National Red Day: 5 Heart Healthy Tips You Can Start Today” or "The History of Valentines Day" Note: you are welcome to submit one topic, a series of related topics, or multiple topics.
  • A 1-3 sentence marketing description of what the audience will get from your workshop or webinar. i.e. for a topic of Healthy Houseplants: “Learn the secrets to growing healthy, gorgeous houseplants from garden author and master gardener (name), including proper watering, fertilizing and controlling pests naturally. (Name) will share her top picks for easy-to-grow houseplants and answer questions about your indoor garden.”
  • Your bio or education/ experience/background as relates to your topic (classes you’ve taught, work experience, formal or informal education, certifications, etc.)
  • A summary of your speaking/presentation experience
Experience: 4 Year


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