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Drnxmyth offers bar-quality cocktails and camaraderie during quarantine–and more.

Working from home has turned social distancing into social isolation for many adults. As we've discovered how vital coworker relationships are to employees' emotional and mental well-being, companies have also learned that it takes a good deal of creativity to produce memorable, lasting virtual experiences.

Drnxmyth, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce beverage brands in the U.S., saw that it wasn't easy to establish and keep remote traditions. However, with their convenient cocktail doorstep delivery program, they had a unique opportunity to bring their craft cocktails to teams across the nation and deliver a cohesive, entertaining virtual experience like none other.

Drnxmyth turns to Ten Spot to extend reach and drive greater team cohesiveness and bonding through virtual events in an uncertain time.

Reconstructing the idea for how virtual happy hours took place over the web, Drnxmyth partnered with Ten Spot to solve one of the most critical challenges: True in-person camaraderie is hard to achieve, even when trying to bring people together for a shared experience.

The Drnxmyth and Ten Spot's partnership solves this in several ways, including:

  • First-time shareable moments:

A cohesive event with plenty of "firsts:" Employees are trying new flavors, drinks, and foods they might not traditionally have experienced otherwise.

  • Cohesiveness:

In most virtual happy hours, people grab different drinks (i.e., Employee A has a beer, but employee B made her margarita, and employee C forgets) and do not share an experience. With Drnxmyth and Ten Spot, everyone is on the same page, with the same beverage, ingredients, laughs, and more.

  • Variety:

Traditional virtual happy hours are stale, and ‘zoom fatigue’ is a real problem. Drnxmyth and Ten Spot offer a range of offerings–cocktail crafting classes to flavor testing–all keep employees engaged. Plus, the experience of twisting and shaking the bottles makes the experience joyful and fun.

  • Employee appreciation:

Drnxmyth and Ten Spot events are a great way to celebrate birthdays, companys wins, and anniversaries. A hosted virtual event, like a happy hour paired with an experience like trivia, comedy night, or cocktail crafting, is a great way to bond everyone and feel connected.

Drnxmyth’s virtual happy hour and Ten Spot’s virtual experiences always go better when you can show employees you're invested in developing and improving company culture.

Since partnering with Ten Spot, Drnxmyth smoothly transitioned a successful cocktail experience into a proper employee engagement strategy for its customers that delivered quick ROI.

In 2020, Ten Spot hosted over 10,000 virtual experiences, and with Drnxmyth, ran 500+ virtual experiences with happy hours.

Ten Spot's unique virtual team-building events connect your team even while apart. From 30-minute trivia to 90-minute scavenger hunts, our deep catalog of activities enables you to try new experiences off-site and that resonate with team culture.