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As an accelerator of data-driven digital transformation themselves,

when the COVID-19 pandemic shifted so many businesses to online and hybrid work, Informatica was well-positioned to adjust.

The company, based in Redwood City, CA, understands how data is powering the world’s innovations and understood Ten Spot’s potential impact on keeping their global teams connected when the pandemic hit.

With traditional in-person workplace conversations and activities disrupted, Informatica's leaders got creative and built out its ‘RISE’ team which generated successful onboarding of the platform and focused most of the time on ways to boost employee engagement.

The same group also empowered their various departments/managers/business units to get involved and launch their own challenges, often derived from important celebrated dates like International Women’s Day. These team challenges allow teams to engage every employee, whether they are on the platform or not.

Informatica’s diverse workforce also uses Ten Spot’s diverse set of services on the platform, via live and on demand sessions.

Ten Spot’s Invite a Friend feature for employees across the company to participate in workouts, tutorials and workshops together, Ten Spot’s on-platform live chat for instant messaging and Ten Spot Custom Events Platform for large events.

“We leverage so many features of Ten Spot that it has quickly become ingrained in our daily operations and keeps our employees engaged, happy and gives them something to look forward to each day,” says Kelly Snyder, manager of benefits at Informatica.

A few things the team at Informatica loves about Ten Spot:

The powerful diverse offerings:

“We have some very unique needs and have never had an employee wellness platform that was hitting multiple areas of interest (not only fitness which we’ve received from a previous provider) but mental health, mindfulness, personal/professional and financial wellness. Once we made the decision for Ten Spot, we haven’t looked back.”

The commitment to innovation:

“When we thought about something we wish Ten Spot had, we can talk with our Account Management team, and only a short time after, we would learn Ten Spot was probably working on it.”

The impact on employee engagement:

“It’s one of our cornerstones to keep our employees happy and interested at work, and with 40% licence utilization in less than 30 days, Ten Spot is allowing us to help do that.”

Watch the full video below to learn more about how companies like Informatica are using Ten Spot’s unified employee engagement platform for keeping teams connected.