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Global media platform Teads distributes advertising to 1.7 billion people every month across the world's best publishers.

Serving as a single access point, in most markets, Teads offers similar scale as YouTube and Facebook, providing creative technology to better media effectiveness for brands, better monetization for publishers and better experiences for customers.

Using gamified workplace initiatives to bring teams together

Faced with the unforgiving pace of the media industry, COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and social distancing regulations, Teads moved operations off-site and encouraged employees working from home.

Teads needed to quickly develop new ways to stay connected with their employees, unite a workforce and increase team cohesiveness in an uncertain time. Early on, Teads used Ten Spot to drive greater team cohesiveness and bonding through virtual events.

"Social cohesion and inclusion improves work effectiveness by 22% and an employee’s well-being by 52%." -–McKinsey

Going all in with online experiences

With the unprecedented stress from the pandemic, Teads sought out to provide ways that could help cross-functional teams seamlessly connect in ways that felt natural, outside of work.

Without access to in-person work events and social experiences, Teads looked for a new solution and discovered virtual programming with Ten Spot.

Since partnering with Ten Spot, Teads was easily able to launch two company-wide virtual fitness and wellness challenges, which brought in a whopping 42% increase in employee engagement.

With on-demand content, led by a variety of experts, Teads was able to serve a diversity of workshops, classes, and tutorials pertaining to mental well-being, professional development, and fitness.

The power of gamified workplace initiatives

Ten Spot's unique platform connect your team even while apart. Our deep catalogue of activities enable you to try new virtual experiences, and that create and foster team culture.