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Live team-building events, peer-pairing, and employee recognition, and more.


Connect your team without interruption using smart tools

✔ Micro-gaming moments

✔ Break-the-ice algorithm quickens specific communication

✔ Do more with Slack or Microsoft Teams integration

✔ Help employees communicate throughout the day

✔ Personalize every chat experience

Connect Dashboard

Create a cohesive space and engaging virtual experiences

✔ Faster team bonding

✔ Conversate in real-time or on your own time

✔ Add your own content and integrate with the platform 

✔ Create motivating group watch experiences

✔ Streamline daily communication


Improve team management and bring everyone together around shared goals

✔ Company mapping identifies team leaders, champions, and educators

✔ Get data to drive HR decisions and ROI

✔ Improve company mission alignment

✔ Reduce employee attrition costs

✔ Build a happier culture

Manage Employee

How other teams use Ten Spot

What managers have to say

Connect your flexible teams

“So glad we found Ten Spot to help our employees transition to 100% work from home and the stress of COVID. Really appreciate the flexibility of the platform and working with us to create company-specific events and features.”

Virtual Onboarding

Transform your employee engagement strategy

“We leverage so many features of Ten Spot that it has quickly become ingrained in our daily operations and keeps our employees engaged, happy and gives them something to look forward to each day.”


Build stronger employee camaraderie

“Employees are an organization’s greatest asset and with more companies becoming permanently remote, it’s important to consider ways of keeping the team together so they don’t window-shop for other job opportunities.”
Peer Mentorship

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