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Genuine Social Interaction.

Ten Spot is a workforce engagement platform creating social connections through community-building experiences. Our innovative software combines live and on-demand content with sophisticated tools that help you measure engagement and sentiment. It’s easy to use for you and your team, no matter where you happen to be.

Ten Spot lets your team team bond, chat and connect. With a dedicated space for socializing, you can spark the relationships that boost team cohesion and build a strong culture. Your team won’t just thank you for it, they’ll enjoy improved productivity and reduced burnout.

Only 12% of executives believe their companies are driving the ‘right culture’.

Source: Deloitte

Product Features

We’re the all-in-one social engagement platform.


Live Services

Our Live Services are a fantastic way to offer a fresh rotation of programming every week. There’s everything from fitness and meditation sessions to cooking classes, art workshops and expert-led seminars, all exclusively available on our platform. Plus, everything is scheduled across multiple time zones so nobody misses out, no matter where they’re based.


On-Demand Library

Missed a service? No biggie. Every session is immediately uploaded to our On-Demand Library, so your team can catch-up at the time that suits them best.



Ten Spot Challenges are a fun way for employees to meet up and compete together. Whether they want to count steps, learn to cook or meditate, your teams can set their own goals or feel inspired to try new activities each week.



Employees can create groups around shared interests or goals, connecting them with colleagues or even different departments and locations. Whether they all like the same workouts or they want to unite around a charity, challenge or event, you can empower them to socialize in ways that feel natural.


Social Connections

The Ten Spot difference is our ability to spark genuine social connections. Features like chat, leaderboards, goal setting, shout-outs and awards help teams celebrate achievements — big and small — and create a welcoming culture where everyone cheers each other along in real-time. It’s especially powerful for remote, travelling, and home-based employees.



Ten Spot can connect with all the most popular wearable devices, so your people can see how
their stats compare to others in their community. Ten Spot also integrates with third-party apps, giving you even more access to financial wellness, mindfulness and nutritional programming.

  • Whil: Mindfulness & Resilience Training
  • Zipongo: Diet & Nutrition
  • Enrich: Financial Wellness

Engaging Content

Ten Spot’s library is more than live and on-demand videos. We add expert articles and interactive tutorials on the topics and trends your teams care about, so there are always more reasons to connect and engage.



Ten Spot offers powerful analytics that help you track engagement across all your teams,
departments and locations. With real-time insights, you can not only see how Ten Spot is
working, you can look at employee sentiment, see the connections created, and highlight the
employees who are leading the way in bringing your team together. You then identify ways to extend and improve your culture.


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Snapshot of Programming

High five!

Ten Spot’s programming features five categories, all led by experts who are passionate about what they do and trained in how to engage teams virtually.

Can’t stop, won’t stop exercise to boost your energy


Strength Training
Stretch & Restore
Cardio & Core

Merriment and a little friendly competition to keep your spirits high


Comedy Hour
Children’s Entertainment
Mixology Class
Singing 101
Modern Hand Lettering

Indulgent experiences designed to help you relax


Stretch & Relax
The Art of Slowing Down
Breathwork for Anxiety Relief

Delicious ways to expand your palate and satisfy your appetite


Cooking Demos
Nutrition Seminars
Meal Prepping
Sip & Learn
Baking Classes

Expert tips and strategies to help with the tough stuff


Financial Wellness
Social Media Training
Creating Habits That Stick
Skincare Tutorials
Home Organization

65% of Americans cite work as their top source of stress and only 36% of employees said their organizations provide sufficient resources to help manage that stress.

Source: American Psychological Association

Ten Spot is helping companies navigate the new normal.

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