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Quick-Launch Initiatives

Initiative templates give you the flexibility to promote and launch your program in minutes. Choose from dozens of pre-built options to launch a team or company-wide initiative.


DEI Expertise

Ten Spot removes the work of sourcing trusted, dynamic thought leadership. Ensure an experience that is diverse, inclusive and motivates your team.


Leverage Ten Spot’s Challenges framework and rewards engine to gamify initiatives and more effectively engage your team. Select activities and allocate rewards to encourage your team to take action and share their experiences through photo uploads, tutorial completions, leaderboards, and more.

Useful Analytics

Ten Spot’s analytics communicate the efficacy of initiatives. See how your team is engaging, sharing and learning. Demonstrate the positive impact your programming is having on the company.

What People Are Saying About Ten Spot


"We stay connected and have fun"

“So glad we found Ten Spot to help our employees transition to 100% work from home and the stress of COVID. Really appreciate the flexibility of the platform and working with us to create company-specific events and features.”


"We've transformed our employee engagement strategy"

“We leverage so many features of Ten Spot that it has quickly become ingrained in our daily operations and keeps our employees engaged, happy and gives them something to look forward to each day.”


"I see stronger employee camaraderie"

“Employees are an organization’s greatest asset and with more companies becoming permanently remote, it’s important to consider ways of keeping the team together so they don’t window-shop for other job opportunities.”

Engaging experiences that level up your team and company initiatives

Leverage a robust content library to jumpstart any initiative program across DEI, wellness, team building, and more!