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Kickstart a New
Amenities Program

Residential communities have changed, and tenants are looking for more than just four walls. With more tenants than ever working from home, we offer our virtual tech-enabled services so your tenants can enjoy them at home or on the go.

Improve Your Current
Amenities Program

Consolidate to one provider to not only design and execute your amenities, but also track ROI and optimize your budget. Ten Spot alleviates your team’s time by offering a fully-managed, scalable amenities provider to help build community within your apartment buildings or residences.

Ten Spot’s residential property platform is your one stop shop for all things wellness. Our customizable on-site and remote virtual experiences engage your tenants through personal and group experiences. Activate and build a living community while retaining and attracting new tenants with a unique amenities program for the modern age.

Attract and Retain Tenants:

Ten Spot enables properties to:
  • Scale amenities and grow revenue across multiple locations
  • Attract and retain great residential tenants
  • Create a sense of community, virtually and in-person
  • Boost overall tenant happiness and longevity
  • Differentiate your residential complexes
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A Safe Community All in One Spot

Ten Spot’s on-site and virtual services from fitness classes and wellness workshops to cooking demos and happy hours boost tenant satisfaction by bringing experiences in-home. Contact us to put together a customized solution to keep your community connected and safe when they need it the most.

Residential Amenities Solution
Let us handle the program design and marketing to logistics management.
Innovative Property Technology
Track tenant engagement and optimize programming across multiple residential locations.
Unique Programming
Our survey-based assessments shape programming specific to the unique needs of your residential tenants.
Maximize Your Property’s Revenue
Grow your revenue through Ten Spot's services and product offerings.
Pricing Per Square Foot
Ten Spot's amenities are asset-light, quick to implement and customized to fit any space.

Buildings with additional
amenities are 3x more likely to
have higher occupancy rates.