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Take full control of your team and company initiatives

Our seamless process helps you spin up activity-based programming without any heavy lifting
  • Leverage a powerful toolkit

    Select from dozens of pre-built experience templates aligned to common industry themes like diversity, equity and inclusion and employee health and wellbeing.
  • Set up how your initiative runs

    Relevant tasks and activities prompt employees to take meaningful action towards living the values they and your organization support most. Customize for your company in minutes.
  • Communication tools help you get the word out

    Create custom initiative flyers, internal communication campaigns, and harness the power of a Slack/MS Teams integration to keep your employees engaged, and in the know.
  • Select prizes, rewards or donations, and go

    Take it further with options to set up prizes and rewards to incentivize employee participation and drive interest.
  • Use analytics to inform future initiatives

    Turn to the power of engagement analytics to better understand which programming is the most effective. Robust reporting assists in initiative budget and ROI analysis.
Make your company initiatives more effective! Companies see a 60% increase in initiative engagement when offering a gamified experience
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Groups Created
Challenges Facilitated
Team-Building Activities
More Profitability
Connections Made
Diverse Initiatives Offered

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Ten Spot builds chemistry virtually. We all look forward to it. Spending time with our co-workers is definitely a plus.
Lacey Hulsey
Operations Manager
We leverage so many features of Ten Spot that it has quickly become ingrained in our daily operations and keeps our employees engaged, happy and gives them something to look forward to each day.
Kelly Snyder
Manager of Benefits
So glad we found Ten Spot to help our employees transition to 100% work from home and the stress of COVID. Really appreciate the flexibility of the platform and working with us to create company-specific events and features.
Allison Doughty
Global Benefits Manager

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