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A workforce engagement platform that makes your team click, anywhere

Drive community and build a better employee experience whether you work remotely, at the office, or something in between.
  • Social Experiences

    Social Experiences

    Orchestrate inclusive virtual experiences that minimize the distance between employees. Proactive, personalized human support means we do the heavy lifting from start to finish.
    Social Experiences
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    Gamify employee engagement and strengthen your work culture from anywhere through fun, friendly, customizable competitions.
  • Icebreakers icon

    Daily Icebreakers and Paired Chats

    Connect naturally around attention-grabbing themes and common questions to spark random chat and invigorate employee relationships.
  • Peer Mentorship

    Micro-Gaming Moments

    Reach employees each day without interrupting their flow. Trivia, word puzzles, and fully-personalized quizzes do the trick, and you can launch them in five minutes or less.
    Peer Mentorship
Social Experiences
Peer Mentorship
Ten Spot is the trusted platform for enabling better people management and optimizing talent retention strategies.
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Groups Created
Groups Created
Team-Building Activities
Team-Building Activities
Connections Made
Connections Made

Our customers love us!

Ten Spot builds chemistry virtually. We all look forward to it. Spending time with our co-workers is definitely a plus.
Lacey Hulsey
Operations Manager
We leverage so many features of Ten Spot that it has quickly become ingrained in our daily operations and keeps our employees engaged, happy and gives them something to look forward to each day.
Kelly Snyder
Manager of Benefits
So glad we found Ten Spot to help our employees transition to 100% work from home and the stress of COVID. Really appreciate the flexibility of the platform and working with us to create company-specific events and features.
Allison Doughty
Global Benefits Manager

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